Processus de formulation cosmétique
Marque blanche cosmétique au Maroc
Laboratoire de création cosmétique


It all started in 2022 with a local Moroccan family who asked themselves a question: Beauty is universal but why do we need chemical ingredients to sustain this beauty? The team decided to list a set of natural ingredients then hired experts in the cosmetics area to come up with the best high quality cosmetic products based on natural ingredients.
and There you go! Introducing Botanicalex, your B2B solution to buy natural products in bulk and/or build your own brand with high quality natural products.

Formulation des produits cosmétiques
Fabrication des produits cosmétiques au maroc

Our mission

To provide beauty companies with innovative, high-quality natural cosmetic products at competitive prices, while respecting ethical sourcing and sustainability practices.


Your safety is our priority; this is why we decided to align with
international safety standards for cosmetics industry.


Marque blanche cosmétique

Our products

Explore Botanicalex's full range of natural cosmetic ingredients, available for private label and wholesale orders. From luxurious essential oils to powerful plant extracts, our products are meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Our certified laboratory produces all types of beauty care products based on natural ingredients to satisfy our customers.

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